Wednesday, December 6, 2017

WSUS Additional Update Views for Windows 10

I was helping a friend with his WSUS and understanding all the Windows 10 upgrade options available within it once you select the Upgrade classification. I created a few Update views and he was amazed about it as he didn't know that could be done so I thought I would share how I did it.This works fine for WSUS upstream of a SUP in ConfigMgr also however it does not go downstream to the ConfigMgr console so is not really useful in that scenario.

In the WSUS console, just right click Updates and select New Update View and set it up.

In the above example I created the bottom three for specific scenarios in his environment. For Windows 10 elsewhere, I broke them out further based on Windows 10 feature updates or upgrades for Windows 7 and 8.1.

For the Windows 10 Feature Updates view configure as following:

And finally for the Windows 10 Upgrade view, configure as following. Note the legacy OS' products which you will need to have it pulling the meta data for. While the Upgrades classification is (currently) used to get TO Windows 10, it does not apply to the Windows 10 product only.

The above 7 and 8.1 upgrades get approved for a specific Computer group and GPO reflects that so the legacy versions of Windows do not get updated and potentially get out of license compliance. Seems to work well. Now if I can only figure out why there are always two Feature updates for each release. One will show under status that computers need it and the other do not. All my WSUS  servers show it, even the upstream for SUP.

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