Saturday, November 9, 2013

MDT Centralized Log Cleanup

I helped a friend a while back setup an MDT 2012 instance for a client of his. They are a small shop with a single IT person. Shortly after MDT became stable, their IT person left, leaving the office manager to set up machines. Lets just say MDT made her a happy camper until they got another IT person. In helping my friend diagnose the occasional problem I would ask him for logs and in some cases, it was hard for him to obtain them as the systems ran off to the field and whatnot. Luckily MDT has a feature to handle this by putting one of these two lines in your customsettings.ini etc. The first will copy the logs to a network location when the system is deployed and the second will do it live during the image process.


I put them under MDT$/Logs (I use this share name vs the default DeploymentShare$ share) but they can go to any UNC path on the network that the MDT account can access. It will create a subfolder and put BDD.Log etc in it. Andrew Barnes has a great article on it.

As we quickly found, the folder started filling up so I gave him this simple shell script to keep it clean. Its ran as a scheduled task at 5AM each day to delete any logs older than 60 days. Change /P to the local path of the logs and /D to the days to delete, note the negative number. Then remove the 'echo' so it has teeth. Otherwise, it just outputs what it wants to do.

 ::Written by Kevin Fason  
 :: This simple script will clean the MDT Logs folder of logs older then 60 days.  
 :: V1.0  
 ::  04.09.2013  
 ForFiles /P "D:\MDT\DeploymentShare\Logs" /D -60 /C "CMD /C if @ISDIR==TRUE echo RD /Q @FILE &RD /Q /S @FILE"  

It can be run directly within the scheduled task but I did it in a shell script so its easier to update. To use for other stuff such as deleting just files you can change the cmd/c to soemthing like '"CMD /C DEL @FILE"'.

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