Monday, November 25, 2013

DOS Script to Reset Windows Update Agent

There comes a time when a workstation or server is not getting updates. Doesn't matter if its via Microsoft Update, WSUS, or even SUP. This is one of those things, that its better to use the broadsword approach, then spend a lot of time to diagnose and fix a minor issue. You can also run into issues if you are using an Advanced Format drive supporting 4096 (4K) sectors or the hybrid 512e sector formats as the local Update database is Window Jet Database engine based. You'll need to address that first via Service Packs or hotfixes in supported Operating Systems.

I wrote this script a while back that will do several things to faciliate a reset. It was put together from allot of reading and experience in my large environment and smaller ones I help out on. I have had no need to re-register the Update DLLs so its not in here. It performs the following high level items.
  • Stops relevant services
  • Backs up settings
  • Resets WUA
  • Starts relevent services
Some things of note, if you use ConfigMgr for updates via SUP, then you can uncomment out two sections to stop and start that service. Also if you do NOT set WSUS via GPO, you can comment the GPO update section.

This script is provided as-is, no warranty is provided or implied.The author is NOT responsible for any damages or data loss that may occur through the use of this script.  Always test, test, test before rolling anything into a production environment.

Download Script

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