Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And so it begins...

I've had several peers tell me that I should start blogging as I have a wealth of cool neat solutions to wacky problems. So here I am. If there's something you want me to start on please let me know! I have a few ideas lined up from presentations at MEMUG already.

Why Kevinisms? This was branded by an old Manager of mine, Will, in reference to the strange things I ramble about. A small sampling:

"I just twitch from time to time"
"Propecia, That'd be a good name for a drug"
"They don't know I'm interesting"
"I will be world dictator before I die"
"I don't like lumps in my pocket"
     + 7/21/03 4:43 pm
     + Referring to Kyocera 7135 Phone
"I guess gear & geargear was taken"
     + window sticker on a car at Microcenter for
     + 1/8/04 9:19 am

So who am I? I'm Kevin Fason and I've been in technology all my life. Grew up with my dad working for the likes of StorageTek and bringing stuff home for me and my brother to mess with. I always wonder what trouble I'd be in if I grew up today. Was big in the Atari and Amiga world growing up in the demo scene, running BBS' etc. Hanging out at the CO's, all the fun stuff. We used to help him repair Atari computers and Game systems for the local shops.

So in short, this apple didn't fall far from the tree, even my brother is in technology. I consider myself a dying breed, technology is more then a job to me. I do what work wants from 8-5 and will come home and do what I want from 5-8.

Currently I am the End User Computing Architect for a large Engineering firm in Denver. Had various roles over the years here, from Communications (PBX, Voicemail) , Administration, even IT Global Manager. I'll create a more formal bio about me shortly. Deployment is a big part of my mindset (OSD, MDT, going back to dd) so I have come across lots of scenarios and issues working for a firm that's on all the continents and zillions of countries (I have to exaggerate counts..)

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  1. I always enjoy a good Kevinism! Looking forward your future articles Kevin. As I get further toward the developer side of things, I need some good systems reading to remember my roots. My best...