Thursday, September 29, 2016

Windows 10 In-place Notes

So I have started experimenting with in place upgrades in ConfigMgr. The stock Task Sequences dont have any error catching in them so I am starting down that road. My first attempt was the use something Johan Arwidmark posted. Do a scan, then upgrade if the scan came back clean. Great idea. Addresses many catches. 

So setting that up I do my first run. Using a VM with a few apps on it. Should run fine. Watched it until it started downloading the Install Media and coming back from lunch I have a systray bug saying Software was installed and to click here. Something was not right so I clicked it.

Something didnt feel right. Sure, Microsoft backpeddled a little on the Start Menu between Windows 7 and 10 but I would expect it to look different then the same... Sarcasm aside, it did give me a chuckle when I saw this. Now to resolve.

So first off to smsts.log under %WINDIR%\CCM\Logs. It shows it exited cleanly. Johans post has a continue on error for the scan step I'm not a super big fan of this option but it is useful. Digging firther we find an error on the scan step.

Process completed with exit code 3247440392
Saving exit code 0xC1900208 of Windows upgrade to Task sequence environment variable '_SMSTSOSUpgradeActionReturnCode'

Decoder ring time... This has key

  • Compatibility issues found (hard block):  0xC1900208
ok. makes sense. I have not put in any error control for non successful exits from the scan. Still have to find the cause of this particular issue. Head on over to setupact.log under %WINDIR%\Panther. Not here, this is from the initial deployment. Searching.. Theres one in %WINDIR%. 

Determining whether we should run ConX or legacy setup

Will launch ConX setup experience
Launching ConX setup experience
Inspecting ConX Setup Cmdline
Launching C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\CH200AC0\Sources\SetupPrep.exe /ImageIndex 1 /auto Upgrade /quiet /noreboot /postoobe "C:\WINDOWS\SMSTSPostUpgrade\SetupComplete.cmd" /postrollback "C:\WINDOWS\SMSTSPostUpgrade\SetupRollback.cmd" /DynamicUpdate Disable /compat ScanOnly

Not useful, shows us starting the scan but no scan results. %WINDIR%\SMSTSPostUpgrade has some interesting BAT files. Still searching for relevant setupact/err logs. I am guessing that ConfigMgr cleaned those up when it wacked the %SYSTEMDRIVE%\_SMSTaskSequence folder. 

Lets run the scan again manually to see where things go. Grab the execution from SMSTS.LOG (above). I did strip the two post switches.

SETUP.EXE /ImageIndex 1 /auto Upgrade /quiet /noreboot  /DynamicUpdate Disable /compat ScanOnly

Setup created the directory %SYSTEMDRIVE%\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther where the two setup logs are located. It was not present earlier. Looking in SETUPACT.LOG it did not have anything useful, just the 0xC1900208 error. Same for SETUPERR.LOG.

Looking around this dir there are some CompatData*.XML files. All but one have this in it


The last log file however, had what we were looking for:

OSMajorVersion="6" OSMinorVersion="1"/>
<Device Class="display" ClassGuid="{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}" DeviceInstanceId="pci/ven_15ad&amp;dev_0405&amp;subsys_040515ad&amp;rev_00/3&amp;2acf1e9&amp;0&amp;78" Manufacturer="VMware, Inc." Model="VMware SVGA 3D">
<CompatibilityInfo BlockingType="Hard" StatusDetail="WarnUpgrade" Message="You'll have problems with your display in Windows 10."/>
<Action Name="Dismiss" Link="wsc:wica:_pci/ven_15ad&amp;dev_0405&amp;subsys_040515ad&amp;rev_00/3&amp;2acf1e9&amp;0&amp;78" DisplayStyle="Link" ResolveState="NotRun"/>
<DriverPackage Inf="oem0.inf" BlockMigration="True" HasSignedBinaries="False"/>
<DriverPackage Inf="oem1.inf" BlockMigration="True" HasSignedBinaries="False"/>
<DriverPackage Inf="oem10.inf" BlockMigration="True" HasSignedBinaries="True"/>
<DriverPackage Inf="c:\windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository\vmci.inf_amd64_neutral_faff95b55e0fdc1f\vmci.inf" BlockMigration="False" HasSignedBinaries="True"/>
<DriverPackage Inf="oem5.inf" BlockMigration="False" HasSignedBinaries="True"/>
<DriverPackage Inf="oem8.inf" BlockMigration="False" HasSignedBinaries="True"/>

Again, I knew I had to put in some error control and probably some HTAs for end user prompts. This error though, the SVGA driver is incompatible. Hmm.. Using the latest tools 10.0.10 in the VM. Surprised to see this. Lets run setup.exe by itself to see how the GUI takes an upgrade. Do have snapshots afterall. Same error, so if I'm in a hurry, just run the GUI to see if it complains as well.

The GUI let me continue so lets revisit our Task Sequence and enable 'Ignore any dismisible compatibility messages' on the Upgrade Operating System step for the Assessment.  It works now as the ScanOnly is returning 0xC1900210 (3247440400).


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  1. Is there a way to bypass this so if there is any compatibility issues then it will ignore and continue?