Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tabulate OS Counts from Active Directory

For a couple smaller environments without ConfigMgr I wanted to know the versions of Windows, specifically the build # of Windows 10 so I knew counts of each version to target updates via WSUS or manually.

Over on the TechNet Gallery I found something that was real close written by Brian Arnold. The script will look at AD and count all OS versions and email it. I have this running on a monthly basis. Good "Executive Overview".

4Windows 10 Pro, 10.0 (10586)
3Windows 10 Pro, 10.0 (14393)
1Windows 2000 Professional, 5.0 (2195)
1Windows 7 Professional, 6.1 (7601)
1Windows 7 Ultimate, 6.1 (7601)
3Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, 6.3 (9600)

I ended up modifying it a little as shown above. The bordering was not working right and I wanted to also get the version for Windows 10 in addition the friendly name. The script will spit to the console as well as email. I'm not that good with PS1 scripts so someone can do way better then my attempt. All credit to Brian.

The scheduled task is pretty simple:

 powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass "Path\To\\CountOS\Get-OSCounts.ps1"  


This script is provided as-is, no warranty is provided or implied.The author is NOT responsible for any damages or data loss that may occur through the use of this script.  Always test, test, test before rolling anything into a production environment.

You can obtain my modified version here.

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