Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Task Sequence and System Restore

This is an old one (2010) that I don't think many people know about as I was asked by some people recently. When deploying an asset via OSD, System Restore is running so anything that requests it such as Office will get a snapshot. MDT has mechanisms to disable and restore however OSD does not.

I disable System restore during capture then turn it back on as a final step during deployment. Its done for performance as the deployment is sped up greatly as the OS doesn't do snapshots. I actually have had a person do a System Restore back to within the TS, messy to say the least. So my solution is to disable it then re-enable it.

As mentioned previously, I do a Build and Capture TS that installs the OS WIM, does a few things, patches it and captures it each quarter. One of the "few things" I do is to disable System Restore. Disabling it in the B&C also keeps the WIM used to deploy smaller for easier replication. It is the first thing ran after the 'Setup Windows and Configuration Manager' step.

During a deployment TS, it is one of the last things to be ran, I have it before USMT.

You can find the Enable Script here and the Disable script here over at the Script Center.

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  1. I too also always disable system restore. However, I've typically done it through an unattended.xml configuration file so it's applied when Windows starts.